This traditional yet powerful exercise works your core like nothing else!!! 

1. Start lying on your back, legs stretched out in front of you and arms laying behind you. Point your toes and squeeze your inner thighs together drawing your kneecaps up your thighs. Keep your spine in a neutral position, back of your neck long.
2. Breathe in and moving both of your legs together as one, draw a line with your toes along the floor bringing your heels close to your bottom keeping legs squeezing together. 
3. Breathe out and lift your arms overhead, reaching them towards your feet as your lift your head and neck. In the same movement, extend your legs into the air where it feels safe for your back but strong in your core. If you feel any pressure in the lower back or pain in the hamstrings bend your knees slightly.
4. Start doing little pumps with your arms, keeping them straight and reaching towards your toes. Breathe in for 5 counts/pumps and out for 5 counts/pumps until you get to 100. 

Progression - Single or double leg lifts and lowers - lowering the legs for 5 counts then lifting the legs for 5 counts as you pump your arms.

Regression - Keep the head down and the legs either bent or straight up in the air.

Remember.. this exercise should feel strong for your core but safe for your back. Place your head down if your neck feels weak or strained.