Finally it’s no longer fitness vs. fashion.

With the sudden influx of “fitness trackers” on the market it was easy to get caught up in having the latest technology but personally, after wearing a standard analog watch for years, to replace it with a thick black strap-like band didn’t really float my fashion boat.. Yes they are functional but couldn’t they at least go with an outfit that didn't include lycra and trainers?? I was used to a classic face, with second, minute and hour hands that didn’t look like I was wearing an alarm clock. And being a bit of a tomboy I also liked the look of a chunky man-style watch.

Enter the iFit Classic.

Stylish? Tick. Classic? Tick. Functional AND Easy-To-Use? Tick. Tick. TICK! The iFit Classic allows you to gracefully move in style while staying in tune with your health and fitness goals around the clock. And it syncs perfectly with the iFit App so all of your daily stats are kept neatly in your phone. You also have countless workouts, nutrition plans and on-demand video at your fingertips through the iFit Daily Membership function. SO MUCH GOODNESS!!!!

Like any new gadget, it takes a bit of time to work it all out with the app and all that bizo (…or maybe that’s just technology-challenged moi…) but once you’ve got your head around it it’s a breeze. And it looks awesome. Its compatible with both iPhone and Android platforms and there are easy-to-follow set-up instructions. Did I mention it also LOOKS AWESOME???