From successes in and out of the water, the Huegill brand is most definitely back and better than ever!!! 2015 saw the much anticipated launch of Huegill Bodytech - a range of products focusing on performance and recovery in the health, lifestyle and motivation. All HBT products are in sync with Geoff’s extensive experience in professional sport and include high-end compression garments, supplements and also a range of corporate performance and wellbeing programs.

HBT Elite Skin Performance Compression Range

Being obsessed with all things fashion I ran straight to the Huegill Bodytech Compression Range. The styles and designs distinguish themselves with performance and comfort. They are the ultimate pieces for any athlete and are designed around performance, science and technology.

Some of the outstanding features include using an “all black” Italian fabric that provides the highest grade of muscular compression, joint support and ultimate power panels - focusing on the key muscle groups of the upper and lower body - which is so important for keeping things tight when putting your body under stress such as weights or running.


The pieces elastically mold to the body without being constricting, allowing the best freedom for full movement. Muscle recovery and elimination of lactic acid are also supported by the garments applying optimum pressure in all the right places while supporting blood circulation.

Innovative technology such as the unique 'H' Stabiliser that supports core tone and back muscle definition as well as the MPAS ‘Multiple Point Alignment System’ that provides systematic alignment on each garment to ensure the perfect fit on each body make Huegill Bodytech Elite Skin Range the master of all compression wear.


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