I feel like summer is finally upon us!! And nothing spells summer to me more than a good old-fashioned Piña Colada!! That distinct flavour combination of pineapple and coconut just transports me instantly to my beachy happy place - but let's face it, I'm not going to be downing those bad boys every day!! So I decided to inject a little goodness (some superfoods) and remove a little naughtiness (the alcohol and dairy) so you can enjoy it every day of the week!!! 

1 x frozen banana
Handful fresh pineapple chunks
1 x dollop coconut yoghurt
1/2 cup x coconut water
1 x tsp Isowhey Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil
1 x tsp Isowhey Organic Lucuma, Chia & Wildcrafted Coconut Superfood Powder
Squeeze of fresh lime (for some zing!!)
Ice (if needed)

Place all ingredients into a blender and whizz until smooth.